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Welcome to Cambridge City

The Cambridge City Town Council meets the second Monday of each month in the City Building. The meetings are open to the public.

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City Building - 765-478-3522

Sherry Ervin - Town Clerk

Glendora Pitcock - Office Clerk

[email protected]

Public Works - 765-478-5611

Ken Risch - Public Works Superintendent

[email protected]

Town Council

Steve Sorah - Council President

Jeff Mardis - Vice President

Debbie McGinley, Nathan Riggs, Jim McLane

Robert L. Bever - Town Attorney

Town Council meeting video courtesy of Whitewater Community Television 

Recent Meeting Notes

The meeting on 9/11/2023 began with a prayer from Pastor Doug Harris then was followed up with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. First on the agenda was a Public Hearing for the 2024 budget. I didn't have to advertise the budget, but it was placed in the Pal-Item before the Public Hearing was held. The tax levy and the Real Estate tax remains at a very low percentage for the residents of Cambridge City.


Guests: Robert Miller brought to the council copies of maps showing the exact areas he is wanting to vacate. One area is near his property on North College Street and North 3rd Street. This area has been maintained by Miller, but is willing to split the area off with his neighbors. The second area is near 300 N. Green Street the old MEG building which is now owned by Miller. There is a small area the town owns that Miller would like to purchase. The difference between these two requests, the area near Miller's home would be a vacate by the town and the second area would be a purchase from the town as Miller is wanting to incorporate this small area in to his own area.


Wayne County Commissioner Jeff Plasterer met with council to discuss "Projects for Cambridge City" a presentation of "Hoosier Enduring Legacy Project" or HELP Strategic Plan. During COVID, the town received $398,000. from the State of Indiana in what was titled American Rescue Act. The town pledged 30% of it's money, $118,978 with the county in hopes of applying for a larger grant to help with future projects. Asked for a plan how the money would be spent, it was publicly decided to have a gathering space/performance venue-Phase 1 in Creitz Park and also new playground equipment in the park. For Phase 1, the town estimated the project cost of $650,000. The town will use their 30% which was committed to the project $119,000, $450,000 will come from OCRA, $25,000 from Sugar Creek, $5000. from the Wayne County Tourism Bureau and $51,000. from a private donor all totaling $650,000. for the Venue in Creitz Park. The new park equipment is projected to cost $100,000, with $10,000 coming from Wayne Counties 30%, $5000. from Sugar Creek, $25,000 from a private donor, $50,000 from Patronicity all totaling $100,000. All in all, the town will receive a total of $750,000 for the two projects in Creitz Park. We are all excited this much money was awarded to the projects. A motion was made by Mike Amick accepting the project and was seconded by Debbie McGinley. Motion carried. 


Jason DeBoo canceled to do a presentation at the last minute. 


Anne Hays from Wessler Engineering presented two applications for payment. Jim McLane made a motion approving both Pay Application #9 in the amount of $101,041 to Culy Contracting. This will be the last pay application for Phase 1. and also to approve Pay Application #2 for Phase 1B which adds a 3rd high service pump, new electricity & scade work, plus finishing the new wellhouse at the Industrial Park. Debbie McGinley seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Unfinished Business: Updates on all the blighted forms that have been received from multiple residents in Cambridge City were discussed, again. Addresses of 502 E. Main, has been making progress cleaning up the yard. 411 & 415 W. Front Street will receive a letter to clean up the properties, 501 & 503 E. Church Street will receive a letter and 308 W. Maple Street will also receive a letter to mow and cut the weeds down. 


New Business: A motion was made by Mike Amick accepting a $300 donation from Cambridge City Main Street to the Fire Dept. Motion was seconded by Debbie McGinley and all approved. 


Staff Reports: Police Chief Richard Roberts announced Officer Larry Kuhn will be retiring from the department effective 9-15-2023. 


The town attorney Bob Bever announced to council the County Auditor has agreed to place the Stormwater fees on the billing cycles with the property taxes. If you remember, this has been an ongoing issue for months. We are happy to get this resolved.


There was nothing else to discuss and the meeting closed at 7:32 p.m. The next council meeting will be held October 11th at 6:00.

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