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Welcome to Cambridge City

The Cambridge City Town Council meets the second Monday of each month in the City Building. The meetings are open to the public.

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City Building - 765-478-3522

Sherry Ervin - Town Clerk

Glendora Pitcock - Office Clerk

[email protected]

Public Works - 765-478-5611

Ken Risch - Public Works Superintendent

[email protected]

Town Council

Steve Sorah - Council President

Jeff Mardis - Vice President

Debbie McGinley, Nathan Riggs, Jim McLane

Robert L. Bever - Town Attorney

Town Council meeting video courtesy of Whitewater Community Television 

Recent Meeting Notes

January Meeting notes to be added soon.


October 9, the Town council of Cambridge City met in a regular session to discuss the following business:


The 2024 budget was passed and will be entered into GATEWAY for the public to review. The budget had to be passed by the town council at the October meeting to meet the State deadline. 


GUESTS: Jama Carpenter, representing Cambridge City Chamber of Commerce asked if the town would donate any money to the Veteran Banner project. To purchase a banner to display with your Veteran's photo is $90.00 each and then hardware will need to be purchased at $90.00 equaling $180.00 per banner. It was decided by Jeff Mardis to donate $500.00 to the Chamber for the banners. 


Ben Allen of the Cambridge City Main Street group has received permission to paint the railroad overpass located on South Foote Street from joint owners, the Cambridge City Christian Church and Dennis Hook. Allen said the group will be painting a mural of some type for the April 8, 2024 Eclipse. Allen will let Sherry or Ken know when the painting will begin so the street can be shut down. 


Anne Hays and Adam Sitka from Wessler Engineering were present to request approval for Pay Application #3 for Phase 1B water project and to give an update on Pay Application #9 for Phase 1A that is being held by Wessler. Culy is asking for a time extension for Phase 1B, installing the computer equipment and the Scada System at the Wellfield. They would like a 90-day extension period for the work to be done due to them not getting the equipment delivered in time.


Jason DeBoo, Energy Sales and Marketing Manager with Co-Alliance in Richmond asked the town to consider moving the current fuel tank located at the City building to the Miller building allowing the fire department, the police department and the town vehicles all to have access to the fuel. Clerk and Police Chief will get gallonage numbers together and give them to DeBoo for a quote on the fees if the town would decide to move this business. 


Unfinished Business:  Laborers Stapleton and Webb spent 2.5 days turning the valve down at 501 S. Green Street hoping to fix the water leak that is leaking into the alarm system at Miller Wood. Risch also gave updates on the blighted letters that have been received were discussed. 14 N. Plum Street will receive a letter on all the miscellaneous materials in their yard and on the street. 411-415 W. Front Street will receive a letter stating the repairs need fixed or tear down the houses. 502 E. Main will be given a fine if work isn't completed within 14 days. 308 W. Maple Street, the town guys are mowing the back yard since the homeowner is in compliance. 503 E. Church needs to clear up all the trash and 501 E. Church needs to haul away the mattresses that are laying in the alley near the back yard. All these houses will continue to appear on the agenda until the work has been completed by the homeowner. 


Approval to close the North and South Foote Street to the alley October 14th for the Fall Antique Show. 


New Business: A motion accepting a $1750.00 donation to the Fire Dept from food that was purchased from their food tent at Canal Days was approved. Also, a motion accepting a $600.00 donation to the Police dept from Blue Buffalo for the K-9 project was approved. Also an approval to allow the police department to begin a fundraiser to sell small, stuffed K-9 dogs. 


President Steve Sorah advised council he has appointed Robert Miller to sit on the Advisory Planning Board and also the Board of Zoning Appeals Board effective immediately.


Staff Reports: Police Chief Roberts has now received a check for $15,760.99 for the vehicle that was totaled in Noblesville. Roberts also received permission to look for a vehicle and approved to spend $10,000.00 of the ARPA money to put with the money he received for the vehicle. Roberts advised the old K-9 kennel will not fit into any of the current police vehicles so he was granted permission to donate the kennel to Fountain City since it will fit into their K-9 vehicle. School Resource Office Christa Brown was approved to apply for a grant to raise funds for a school she'd like to attend. 


Fire Chief Gabbard advised the department is beginning to set up the lights in the park for the Winter Wonderland event. 


Supt. of Public Works Ken Risch received permission to purchase a new air compressor in the Miller Building from Northern Equipment in the amount of $3919.00 taking money from the MVH fund to pay for this. 


Clerk Treasurer Sherry Ervin announced the RUMPKE large trash pick up day for the residents of Cambridge City will be November 6. Please call the City building at 478-3522 if you have any questions pertaining to the trash pick up.

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